How much does a move typically cost?

The cost of our moving services is dependent on multiple variables. In order to give an accurate cost on our services we would need to perform an estimate.

How long will it take to move?

The time it takes to move your belongings depends completely on how much we are moving, and where you are moving to. Our goal is always to make the move as quickly as possible without ever sacrificing safety or the quality of our services. After our estimate we can give you a more definite time frame on how long the move will take.

What are the main advantages of hiring you as my moving company?

Hiring us to handle your move will save you time, relieve a large amount of stress from the entire moving process, and is much safer than you trying to move on your own. We are experienced in all aspects of moving and know the ins and outs of making the move go as smooth as possible. We are experienced with properly packing your home and transporting your belongings to a new location. Moving requires heavy lifting that can easily lead to someone getting hurt in the process.

How do I begin packing for a move?

Properly packing is one of the most important aspects to moving. First, make sure you are using the correct type of boxes for moving. Belongings that have not been properly packed have a greater chance of being damaged during the move, and can take up more space in your moving truck than it should. We are a full service moving company and we can handle the packing for you! If have additional questions on properly packing, give us a call today.

What should I do with my jewelry?

It is always best to keep items such as jewelry, money, medications, and any other items of value with you in a safe place. Although we are a trustworthy and professional company, storing these items in a safe place, or moving them on your own is always a good idea.